Using VMware undocumented feature in accessing IOSv (Cisco Virtual IOS) Virtual Serial console

While using VMWare workstation as a platform in running vIOS/IOSv (Cisco Virtual IOS) we usually use the pipe method to access the Virtual Serial console with the devices but using undocumented feature we could access it with any telnet capable terminal software. We only need to edit the VMware vmx file and add the following



serial0.fileType = "pipe"
serial0.fileName = "\.pipecom_1"

2014-09-21 23_03_05-Virtual Machine Settings To

serial0.fileType = "network"
serial0.fileName = "telnet://"

2014-09-21 23_06_22-Virtual Machine Settings you will notice that serial port type indication report a “unrecognized type” but don’t worry about it since it is undocumented so it is expected. Now we will try to access the vIOS via Telnet port 10000 2014-09-21 23_12_08-Quick Connect 2014-09-21 23_14_04- - SecureCRT With this setup we could now use our favorate Terminal Software without needing some specials sofwares or feature to access the console of vIOS routers. Enjoy…

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  1. Jam, this works beautifully! Thank you so much for this undocumented trick. BTW – have you already started working using this for the INE R/S v5 labs? Is the “DMVPN Cloud” implemented using one of these IOSv routers with multiple Gig interfaces? Thanks again.


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